Five Star Government Forum 2017

Housing Gears founder Marcel Bryar had the pleasure of attending The Five Star Government Forum on April 5, 2017.  Hosted by The Five Star Institute, the Forum brought mortgage industry leaders together with senior representatives of the CFPB, HUD, FHFA, the GSEs, GNMA and others to talk about current trends and the most pressing issues in the mortgage industry.  The Institute's host, Ed Delgado, facilitated a lively discussion.  The Institute hosts numerous events.  If you're not on their mailing list, I recommend signing up, here.  In the meantime, download the presentations from the 2017 Forum, here.

Private RMBS Overview

In this issue of the Resource Center, we bring you a very interesting overview of the market for private RMBS securities before the financial crisis.  In October 2005, Credit Suisse First Boston published a report for prospective investors in private RMBS.  The report provides a comprehensive overview of the features and characteristics of private RMBS that CSFB believed investors needed to know to evaluate the likely performance of the securities.  The report focuses on prime jumbo RMBS but also compares those RMBS to agency (i.e., GSE and Ginnie Mae) and Alt-A/subprime RMBS securities.  Looking for a useful introduction to private RMBS?  Read this report, here.

Congressional Oversight Panel

We bring you the Congressional Oversight Panel or the COP.  Remember the Panel?  Congress created the COP to oversee the Treasury's implementation of the Troubled Asset Relief Program and other efforts to regulate the financial system.  Congress created the Panel in 2008 (as part of the TARP legislation) and it held hearings and published reports until it expired in early 2011.  The Panel left behind a wealth of information, including testimony, hearing transcripts (and videos) and reports.  The COP's site has been archived but it's easy to access here.

Federal Reserve Board's Economic Research & Data

We bring you a treasure trove of economic analysis:  studies by staff members of the Federal Reserve System.  Federal Reserve economists publish papers on numerous topics, including the mortgage industry.  The best part?  They are accessible to non-economists.  You do not need a PhD in economics to get something out of the staff studies.  Next time you want to learn something about a particular segment of the financial services industry, take advantage of this resource.